Compte Du Lude’s Treatise Of Spirits &c


Course Assignment – Adrian Finucane and Chella Vaidyanathan

Half-title: Compte Du Lude’s | TREATISE OF SPIRITS &c. (lines above and below)

Title page: [within double rules]

DAIMONOLOGIA (In greek letters):| OR, A | TREATISE | OF | SPIRITS| WHEREIN | Several Places of Script- | ture are Expounded, against the | Vulgar ERRORS concerning | WITCHCRAFT, APPA- | RITIONS, &c. | To which is added, | An APPENDIX, containing some | REFLECTIONS on MR. Boulton’s Answer to | Dr. Hutchinson’s Historical Essay; entitled | The Possibility and Reality of Magick, Sorcery | and Witchcraft demonstrated. 


By Comte DU LUDE, | A Presbyter of the Church of England.


LONDON: | Printed for the Author, in the Year 1723.

Measurements: 11cm x 18cm

Formatted in octavo, grouped in 4s

40: [A]3, a4, B-I4, K-U4, X-Z4, [$2 signed]; 95 leaves

Binding: ¾ Morocco

Notes: No water mark. Along with the lack of publisher information, this suggests that this book would be forbidden. Sold by William Saloch, Ossining, NY.


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