De Proprietatibus Rerum (On the Properties/Nature of Things)

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Author: Bartholomeus Anglicus (Bartholomew the Englishman)
Date: 13th century
Measurements: Binding 15.5 x 21.5 cm; pages 14.5 x 20.5 cm.
Collation: 4 paper leaves + 75 parchment leaves + 3 paper leaves. Difficult to discern quire structure due to the tightness of the binding, but the paper preface notes that there were 9 gatherings or folios at the time of rebinding.
Layout: Two columns of text per page, 47 lines per column. Lead ruling of both margins and text
Script: One hand, Gothic or Proto-Gothic(?), black ink with rubricated titles and bi-colored large initials at the beginning of each entry.
Binding: Leather with gilt ornamentation; post-dates the manuscript, date unclear.
Materials: Parchment, with paper leaves added during a later rebinding.

Description: Regular pagination/foliation given with Roman numerals from X to LXXXiiii on alternating pages, as well as an index system in the back of the book referencing these page numbers and the (rubricated?) subjects of the text. No catchwords. The pagination and the index together suggest a missing quire, containing pages Vi-iX, which would indicate an original total of ten quires (no reference is given to numbers i-V in the index, so it’s unclear whether they were part of this codex). This manuscript is an excerpted version of the work, so that may play a role in this irregularity. Some warping of the parchment throughout; small repairs with thread and parchment scraps, some staining.

f. 25v: parchment repair
f. 73r: manuscript index begins
f. 75r: explicit tabula alfabeti super libris proprietatibus.

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