“The Present State of Nova Scotia” by S. Hollingsworth

Bibliographic description by Kaitlyn Grant and Lauren Laframboise.

S. Hollingsworth, The Present State of Nova Scotia: With a Brief Account of Canada, (Edinburgh: William Creech, 1787).

Half title: [within a frame of ornaments, 85x80mm] | THE | PRESENT STATE | OF | NOVA SCOTIA: | WITH A BRIEF | ACCOUNT OF CANADA. |


Title: [no frame, 203x122mm]| THE | PRESENT STATE | OF | NOVA SCOTIA: | WITH A BRIEF | ACCOUNT OF CANADA, | AND THE | BRITISH ISLANDS | ON THE COAST OF | NORTH AMERICA. | (horizontal rule) The SECOND EDITION, corrected and enlarged. | Illustrated with a Map. | (horizontal rule) | Sunt ingeniorum monumenta, quae saeculis probantur. LIVY. | C’est le nombre du peuple, et l’abondance des alimens, qui forme la vraie force, et la vraie richesse d’un royaume. FENELON. | EDINBURGH: | PRINTED FOR WILLIAM CREECH, EDINBURGH ; | AND SOLD BY | T. CADELL, AND G. ROBINSON & CO. LONDON. | (horizontal rule) M,DCC.LXXXVII. |


Collation: 8˚ in 4s: [a]6 [b]2, A – U4, X – Ee4  

Contents: Catchwords and running titles throughout.

Binding: Spine untitled, with 6 horizontal gold lines on the spine. 3 small holes along the binding edge of every page suggests that the book was likely rebound. Leather spine and cover features a dark grey and brown marbled paper.

Notes: This copy is missing the map. A torn page with evidence of glue suggests that the map was pasted in between between [b] and A gatherings. There is also small remnant of a sheet in the binding between pages 8 and 9 – likely the other side of the sheet where the map was bound in. Beginning and end pages are more modern in their production and do not have chain lines. The end page features a watermark that reads “RC | 1816”. The author’s name is not indicated on the copy, though it has been attributed to S. Hollingsworth. The dedication and first page of the Contents are unevenly cut making the pages approximately 20mm narrower. The first page of the table of contents is numbered “(6)” at the top of the page.



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